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We have experience of supporting a range of clients in achieving their goals; from fat loss to increased muscle mass and generally improving or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  We have also assisted clients in rehabilitation journeys, helping them to achieve outstanding results.  Not one size fits all so we tailor packages to meet your needs.

what our clients say...

Jason - "From the diet plan to the motivation, Matt is spot on. He pushes me to my limits without going too far. His knowledge of different techniques to work around a long standing injury is fantastic. Every session I come away feeling better about myself."

Simon - "As an online client Matt has made everything really easy with his simple and easy descriptive training/food plans. Easy to get answers from if I have any queries about any aspects of my plan, 4 weeks in and I can tell a difference already and looking forward to carrying on working with Matt. Could not recommend him highly enough." 

Naomi - "Matt managed to find my strengths and weaknesses and push me to reach my goals. Recently I've been set back with injuries, however Matt has helped me adapt by changing my training and nutrition plan.  I recently visited my GP about the same issues and he gave me exactly the same advice that I'd already received from Matt. I highly recommend him, he really knows what he's talking about.  He's your man if anyone's looking to improve their fitness or achieve their goals!"


George - "I needed to gain some quality size in just 12 weeks. After recovering from serious injuries, I developed some bad habits and was pretty short on strength and confidence to lift more.  Training with Matt twice a week and following the provided diet plan, I managed to add a staggering 4.5 kilos during this time. Importantly, seeing increases in the weights I was shifting and pushing through personal bests, justified my decision to choose Matt as my PT.

With enjoyable sessions, tough challenges - it was great that Matt understood the task at hand and managed to deliver. Highly recommend to anyone looking to either start their fitness journey, or to someone who has experience but needs that extra kick!"

Shyrene - Since starting my training with Matt I’ve received nothing but tailored support, expert advice and constant encouragement... Getting me ready for Tough Mudder, lifting weights, actually enjoying the gym, constant results and all whilst having fun!  Now nearly 2 years on, I couldn’t recommend Matt highly enough!!"

Gavin - "This guy is absolutely spot on when it comes to training. From the nutrition plan, different styles of workout to the fantastic motivation techniques, Matt is a considerate and respectful PT who takes the time to understand your goals and also works with you to achieve them. He pushes people to their limit which is what we all need when we don't wanna push the last rep."

Damien - "Training with Matt is a hugely enjoyable experience. He is focused, committed & flexible when organising your sessions around each other's busy schedules. After some time away from the gym it's been so easy getting back into it with Matt's support. By sticking to his tailored nutrition plans I'm starting to see real results. He's also a decent chap. Bravo. High five mate."

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