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Birmingham Personal Trainer


Sam is the face behind SMR. If you are contacting us via text, email or social media, the chances are your are talking to Sam.

Sam works behind the scenes and oversees the smooth running of SMR.

Fitness and nutrition have always played a huge part in Sam's life and she continues to expand on her skills and knowledge, to continually improve the high standards of SMR.

Sam is no stranger to postpartum fitness and using her own proven skills and techniques she has also supported other women in their journeys.  Sam also has an extensive background in business and has a career behind her in the childcare and education industry, which is why SMR is a family friendly gym as we know too well the restraints that child care can place on training.

Sam trains using a variety of techniques, however her speciality areas are functional training and HIIT.

Birmingham Personal Trainer

SMR Head Coach

As a firefighter with over 21 years' service, Matt believes that health and fitness is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

He has a passion to educate others to achieve their goals. His clients not only gain the skills to train safely but they also gain the knowledge to use now and in the future.

Matt was a finalist for Men's Health cover model competition and has competed in national physique competitions, as well as being assigned to numerous fitness modelling shoots.

He has worked with a range of clients looking for general fat loss or increased muscle mass to more complex goals, such as pre and postpartum fitness, injuries, transformations and career specific goals for pilots, emergency service workers and athletes.

Matt specialises in working with professionals both online and in person, who wish to make changes for long term good health. He has also successfully rehabilitated multiple clients with a range of injuries, from perforated discs to ACL repairs and shoulder issues.

Birmingham Personal Trainer
FREELANCE Opportunity - 
FEEL FREE TO get in touch!

Freelance Coach

My mission is to provide a professional and affordable service to anyone interested in becoming a fitter, stronger and healthier person.

A competitive physique athlete with 12 years in bodybuilding and 5 years professional experience with a proven track record working in the UK and abroad.

I utilise well established scientific principles to ensure the best possible coaching and results. I also hold a qualification in ante and post natal coaching.

I don't believe fitness should be a quick fix; My goal is to set all my clients up for long-term success.

I believe and have experienced first-hand that engaging with fitness can be a catalyst for positive change in various areas of life.

I offer great deals on my individual and group training packages so get in touch to get started!

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