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All payments must be made in advance. This applies to all goods, services and memberships.

Please ensure you are wearing correct sports attire. Any jewellery is worn at your own risk and you must wear the correct footwear.

During your session you may use the lockers or coat hangers provided, however personal possessions are left at your own risk. Please do not leave any possessions lying around the gym and when using the lockers you must return the keys before leaving the gym. Upon departure please ensure you take all of your belongings. Any lockers left locked at the end of the day will be opened and any contents removed.

Changing and showering facilities are limited, therefore please limit your time in the washrooms and be considerate of others, particularly during busy periods and leave the toilets and shower in a condition you would expect to find them.

Be considerate of others at all times and be mindful of rotating use on the equipment, ensuring everyone has sufficient time at each station.

Abusive or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

Be respectful towards staff and other members and show support when necessary.

Only use the equipment if you are confident you can safely undertake the activity - If in doubt please speak to one of our trainers.

We aim to keep all equipment and areas clean, safe and hygienic at all times, therefore if you notice anything falling below standard please report this to a member of the team and support us in upholding high standards by wiping down equipment after use with the spray provided.

Please only use liquid chalk - If you require this please ask at reception.

Feel free to use our kitchen area to prepare any food or drinks, however please ensure you thoroughly clean all areas.

Place all rubbish in the bins provided.

After using the equipment please return it how you found it. Do not leave weights or other equipment lying around as this also presents a safety hazard.

Though we have safety rubber flooring, please do not drop the weights and use the bumper plates when performing exercises, such as deadlifts.

Please make use of any safety equipment provided, such as collars to ensure weights do not fall off.

You are responsible for your own safety whilst using the equipment. Prior to undertaking any activity ensure you are fully aware of how to use each piece of equipment; if in any doubt or if you require assistance throughout your training, ask for support from one of our trainers and ensure you have sufficient space to train.

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