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With Pancake Day approaching we thought we'd offer a little motivation to help you burn those extra calories!

On average 4 small homemade pancakes contains approximately 250 calories, however this is before you've added any toppings!

To help keep you on track we're offering all our members the chance to win some Pancake Day goodies from My Protein. All you need to do is drop by and workout at SMR Fitness between Sunday 24th Feb and Friday 1st March... Simple as that!

We will be keeping track of everyone who visits and names will automatically be added to the competition (unless you advise us otherwise). The winner will be announced Saturday 2nd March in the morning, so you have plenty of time to collect your goodies ahead of Pancake Day!

To help get you started we've compiled a list of 30 minute exercises you can do to help burn those extra calories. Please bear in mind these figures are an average guide and depend upon your actual weight and the intensity and speed in which you perform the exercises.

Treadmill: 300 calories

Stepper: 220 calories

Cross Trainer: 320 calories

Rower: 260 calories

Bike: 260 calories

Strength Training: 120 calories (moderate) / 240 calories (vigorous)

High Impact aerobics / circuit training: 300 calories

You could also opt for a healthy pancake recipe, such as oat pancakes and add nutritional value to your meal by using toppings such as lemon juice, fresh fruit, seeds and yoghurt. If you prefer your pancakes savoury give spinach, mushrooms and poached eggs a whirl!

Yes we love our health and fitness but remember your health and fitness should be a way of life and we all need to let our hair down from time to time so go ahead and enjoy those pancakes!

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