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Corporate Team Building Activities In Birmingham

Looking for a spot of team building with a difference? Why not try one of our SMR30 corporate team building activities?

SMR30 is our 30 minute group HIIT class. Regular classes are held throughout the week and can be accessed by both members and non members.

The classes offer 30 minutes of intense high energy workouts and we have a variety of routines, meaning your classes will always be exciting and challenging! The majority of us can relate to having busy lives and often our fitness can become neglected due to time restraints.

SMR30 ensures you have an optimal workout in a short burst of time, all whilst being encouraged and supported by a specialist Coach. Don't worry if you are a gym novice as you can work at your own pace and will be fully supported throughout.

SMR30 is available as a corporate team building package. We offer our standard SMR30 class, combined with a great range of team building activities - Great for raising team morale all whilst getting fit!

We can tailor a bespoke package to your companies needs and are also available during select hours for inclusive access.

We offer a variety of corporate packages for local businesses with the aim of improving the health and fitness of our local workforce.

Call or email us today to see how we can support your company!

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